A New Year And A New Beginning

If anyone reads my blog or follows Honor Beach, they will notice there has not been much in the way of updates or change for almost a year.

Rather annoyingly this is due to a rather long period of ill health which is not quite over yet.

It started with a large operation at the beginning of last February and culminated in an unrelated breast cancer diagnosis in June 2016.

I have been very lucky to have been in the hands of some incredible medical professionals who have made my journey as bearable as it can be. I have also learnt how wonderful friends and family can be during difficult times and I would not have got through it quite so happily if it hadn't been for their amazing support. 

I am so nearly at the end of my treatment. The chemotherapy has finished. I even managed to hang on to my hair  (albeit a lot thinner then I am used to) thanks to the Paxman Cold Cap. I would encourage anyone who may be going through treatment or about to start, to try and persevere with it if they can. 

I slightly lost sight of Honor Beach for a while, but have now come back feeling more motivated then ever. Strangely the breast cancer diagnosis has taught me not to be so fearful or self conscious. It has taught me to stop doubting myself and have belief again in what I set out to achieve initially - beautiful, incredibly well made beachwear in the best quality, 100% cotton.

I hope people will like my new collections. I have simplified it at little and added some absolutely gorgeous and luxurious towels as well as a longer, more floaty style of cover up. I have also decided to concentrate on just my own brand for now, although I may add other small, independent brands as the year progresses.

So here is to a fabulous 2017 - a new year with new beginnings. 

With love and loads of positive vibes,



  • Cathy Gilman

    Lucy, I know Simon through Lexikin and just wanted to say I’m sorry you’ve had a horrible year but it is amazing how sometimes it’s the worst experiences can weirdly become the most positive. Keep well and wishing you ever success with your lovely company !

  • Tamsin

    I absolutely LOVE the new collections, what gorgeous clothes & accessories. Good luck with the rest of your year, here’s to a very happy and healthy one :-)

  • Emma Everett

    Lucy, you’re an inspiration – Good luck. Can’t wait for my next holiday so I have an excuse to re-stock my Honor Beach wardrobe!

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