Beach Ready.....or not!

Summer seems to be approaching fast and suddenly everywhere you look there are images of beautiful models in bikini's. Nothing to make you feel less beach ready, then a picture of an 18 year model, frolicking in the sea in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini!

Every year about this time, I decide to do something about the rest of the year's general excesses. It's time to re join that gym, try that new diet - anything to shed a few pounds! This year I have actually found something that seems to be working. It won't come as a surprise to those of you who are already in on this fairly well known secret but healthy eating, less rose consumption and more exercise actually can bring some results. Mind you I couldn't do it without the help of this fabulous little gym I have joined called The Little Library. It is quite motivational to know that a trainer will be checking up on you regularly, taking measurements and encouraging you to eat properly. So far so good.....let's hope it lasts. If it doesn't, oh well, there is always next May to start again!

That leads me on to why I started Honor Beach. It was meant to help hide those little flaws and make the most of what we have - gym toned or not. So no see through fabric, a little covering on the arms, slightly in at the waist and not too tight on the hips. We all want to feel confident in the summer and I really hope my beachwear can help with this - all while looking fabulous.

So bring on sunshine, good times and lots of laughing.


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