The sun always seems to shine in Honor Beach world!

As sun and summer seems to be at the forefront of my mind these days, the time may be coming for Honor Beach to have a launch party to help bring on the silly season.

As I am based in London and currently only dreaming of sunshine, the plan is to conjure up a holiday feel. To me this means Brazilian music, mojito's, dancing and lots of laughing. Although recently I was introduced to a delicious cocktail which I think works in summer or winter, because it is just so good and simple to make - the homemade Lychee Martini. So I am going to pass on my friend - Mrs C's - super easy recipe which tastes divine. (She knew I would steal her idea!)

All you need is a big jug, lychee juice (available from supermarkets), lychee liqueur (I found this in my supermarket but you may have to hunt around a bit), Martini Rosso, Vodka, fresh lemons and actual lychees, which you can buy in tins pre peeled. Use mostly lychee juice and then splash as much as you want of the rest in to taste! Et Voila! Pop in a lychee or two and there you have it. Just make sure you use lots of ice and run a little lemon around the top of the glasses. Yum

So bring a little sunshine into your world, crank up the music and most of all HAVE FUN! 


PS. For all of you lucky people living in the sun, about to go on holiday or planning a trip at Easter - don't forget I ship internationally and have finally worked out how to lower the shipping costs a little!

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